Jerry Grey China
UN Reform: Challenging the Power Imbalance for Global Peace

UN Reform: Challenging the Power Imbalance for Global Peace

Jerry Grey China//2:54pm, Jun 21st '24

The loudest and most powerful nation on earth is home to the United Nations. Being the loudest and most powerful, it should also be the most influential in bringing peace to the world but the opposite is happening.

If the UN can’t stop what’s going on in Ukraine and they can’t prevent the murders of innocents in Israel, or stop the USA from putting weapons and soldiers into China’s Taiwan province, and can’t prevent the most powerful country in the world from exploiting and unilaterally sanctioning smaller countries, then what’s the point?

China has put forward a proposal for UN reform but it doesn’t want the UN to stop doing what it’s doing, the problem the UN has, is not with the current rules but because one country has made it clear that the rules don’t apply to them. The USA is on record as saying they will not undermine their own sovereignty in favour of international rules.

If the US used its great wealth and power correctly there wouldn’t be a problem. But they won’t ratify the International Court because they will be found guilty of crimes by it; they won’t ratify all the UN Conventions on Human Rights because they are in breach of them; they won’t agree to the sovereignty of nations because they have invaded, interfered and influenced so many that they would be forever mired up in legal cases; they won’t accept United Nations Conventions such as the Law of the Sea because it will inconveniently keep them out of the oceans where they want to present a powerful presence and exploit resources that UNCLOS forbids them from exploiting; they won’t even accept the rights of children because with a legal working age of 12 in four states and 14 in all the rest bar 1, they are in breach of UN standards. In short, this is a rogue nation too powerful to stop.

This is why UN reforms are necessary. And this is what China has presented:

Reforms should be along the lines of the current UN Charter. In other words, China isn’t trying to change the UN, it’s trying to get countries, or one of them, to change their policies.

Reforms should increase the voice of developing countries so that they have more say in their own development.

Reforms should increase the UN’s ability to manage and coordinate. Currently the UN has very strong rules which should make the world a safer, more stable and secure place but one rogue nation can’t be reined in or stopped by the powers the UN currently has.

China supports a political and immediate end to hostilities in Ukraine and confirms that the rights of all sovereign nations should be respected including, despite the very special relationship between the leaders, by Russia.

China supports a Palestinian nation with East Jerusalem as the Capital and drawn on the pre-1967 borders. These proposals were put forward before October 7th but are even more applicable now. China has supported the ICJ case against Israel. Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicates that it hopes for effective implementation of the ICJ’s ruling.

China supports and seeks de-nuclearisation on the Korean Peninsula and requests that the country of Afghanistan should be “Aghan led and Afghan owned”.

China asks for the Iranian, Yemen, Syrian, Sudanese and Libyan conflicts be resolved through dialogue and diplomacy, not through ongoing military intervention.

China reiterates its stance on fighting terrorism and extremism but states that terrorism should not be thought of as a policy of any particular region, ethnicity, religion or country. Terrorism transcends all those boundaries and needs to be fought with poverty alleviation, de-radicalisation and eradication of the causes at the source; not through wars on groups, religions or regions where borders and politics interfere in the solutions.

China has stated, and is the only nuclear power to do so without any conditions, that it will not make a nuclear first strike – it has advocated that nuclear weapons eventually be eradicated but will not start that process while there is one country with more nuclear power than the rest of the world – it favours a step-by-step eradication while maintaining global, and undiminished, security for all. In other words, China will eradicate its nuclear weapons in a step-by-step process when other nuclear powers do the same.

China has led the world in Climate Change, carbon peaking last year and escalating steps towards carbon neutral, it encourages others to do the same. Where the west says China has an over-capacity of solar panels, EV cars and batteries, China says the capacity is nowhere near the need to harness nature’s energy and power under-developed nations while bringing them out of poverty.

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China supports efforts to make economic globalisation fair and accessible to all and looks for food security.

If this sounds fair, it’s because it is. It’s easy for misinformed people to read this and say: “yeah, that’s what they say they will do but what about China’s aggression and expansionism, and it is a global human rights abuser”.

I say to those people, prove it.

Tell us the last time China invaded another country and tell us the last time the US invaded, For China it was 1979, yet just a few months ago it was announced that the USA had a military presence in Taiwan. Make no mistake about it, US troops in Taiwan is an invasion it’s in breach of the UN Charter as well as several resolutions. It’s also in breach of their own Agreements made by Nixon in 1972, Carter in 1978 and Reagan in 1982. The US still has in Syria and Iraq, as well as several other African countries

Tell us how many people are incarcerated in China’s prisons and how many are in the USA’s prisons. And, while you’re at it, find the sworn and cross-examined testimony of a survivor of, or a photo or video from one of the so-called camps that is not a cartoon drawn from imagination – that “genocide” claim has been well and truly debunked now, even by the United Nations themselves.

Tell us the last time when Chinese NGOs influenced an election, caused protests and paid for rioters and terrorists to change a government. This has happened so many times and been admitted by the National Endowment for Democracy that most Americans think it’s policy and don’t realise it’s in direct contravention of the UN Charter of non-interference.

When was the last time a Chinese training camp was set up to fund, arm and train terrorists such as Al-qaeda, or, with Israel, to help form train and fund Hamas because we now know these can find their origins in some US foreign policy.

And, on that topic, when was a Chinese military mercenary last caught in a conflict zone such as recently happened to Americans in Congo last month and a couple of years ago in Venezuela. As has happened in Ukraine and also in Israel.

When was the last time we heard of a Chinese military institute specialising in germ warfare ever discovered in a foreign country as the USA has admitted it has in Ukraine among other places.

When did we last hear of a rendition of a prisoner from a conflict zone to a secret Chinese camp for torture and years of imprisonment without a trail.

When was the last time China invaded a country to “protect” their resources. As the US is doing now, in direct contravention of UN Charter in Libya, as well as Iraq, in direct contravention to the wishes of the democratically elected government.

In fact, China complies with UN regulations, the US does not, China complies with WTO regulations the US does not, China complies with WHO regulations, the US does not.

When China, and the rest of the world go to the UN with solutions, there is generally one country which holds the veto preventing those solutions from going ahead. There is only one of two countries, the USSR/Russian Federation and the US which constantly veto global development and peace.

China and the rest of the world really don’t want or need UN reform, what they want is for every country to abide by the same standards and every country to be subject to the same rules – if that can happen, then the world will be a safer, more stable, environmentally and economically improved place – there is only one country preventing it. And that’s what China really wants to change.

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