Indigenous Oscar Smith Nicaragua
Like the Phoenix, Nicaragua is a Small country reborn from the Ashes!

Like the Phoenix, Nicaragua is a Small country reborn from the Ashes!

Indigenous Oscar Smith Nicaragua//6:28pm, Sep 4th '21

42 years already from the Sandinista revolution that took place in Nicaragua, Central America. A revolution that frees the country from the Cruel dictator Somoza one of the US government puppets with the Plan Monroe.

Since the FSLN took the power the democracy started with the revolution of 1979. A lot of Nicaraguans offered them lives for today being remembered for their sacrifices. They struggle for the liberty of Nicaragua. Today on this 42 anniversary great Nicaragua under the government of President Commander Daniel Ortega and Vice president Rosario Murillo.


Paying tribute because under this perfect government of the people is the one that has the power and people is the protagonist. Listing the biggest success within the last 14 years of Power of the people.

1.- Nicaragua is the top 5th in gender equality ONU Women

2.- Decreased poverty and extreme poverty from 48% to less than 23% World Bank.

3.- Nicaragua declared as a Nation free of illiteracy by UNESCO

4.- Best highways of the Latin region World Economic Forum

5.- More than 65% in social investment from the total national budget. Central Bank of Nicaragua.

6.- Built of more than 19 hospitals

7.-Social inclusion to all people including indigenous and African Nicaraguans.

8.- Free Healthcare System, free access to education, Transportation subsidized. 87% in clean energy

9.- Legislations to promoted and support women.

10.- Investment to protect the rainforest: The Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, BOSAWAS, Indio Maiz and the Caribbean Sea.

11.- The construction of houses to receive pregnant women before during and after birth.

12.- Investment in sports, Culture and technical professions.

13.- The promotion of the Security System known as "Model of Citizens Security " to reinsert all detained people back to the society they are also trained and well prepared within the detention centre.

14.- The consolidation of the Health care system known as "Model Community and families health. This important model struggles 24/7 against all diseases and fumigation house by house and also house to house visits to avoid increasing of mosquitoes and diseases related to that.

15.- The strength in the Healthcare system by taking care of people with cancer, in different places of the body along with free medical treatment for all chronic people.

16.- Promotion of National national centre Dermatology.

17.- Free operations hearth. eyes and also open hearth.

These are some of the long lists of projects that the Sandinista Nation is achieving. While I'm writing this article a lot of projects are taking place in all cities and villages of Nicaragua. The title of this article mentioned the Phoenix reborn from ashes because there is only one powerful nuclear country that is upset with the Nicaraguan development and is The US Empire the same empire that invades the Latin nation or the same empire that finance the terrorist groups' Contras in 1988 with the Ronald Reagan government.

The hate and the dirty tactics now are increasing as Nicaragua approaches the next election the US government and its agencies like the USAID are desperately trying to interfere in the election. Since 2018 they have been promoting a lot of Sanctions against the Sandinista country. They apply the Nica Act, Renacer Act, Magnitsky and the latest sanctions are the removal of visas and restrictions to all 19 political parties that are officially inscribed and in the way of the election and also to the electoral council, recently elected by the National Assembly of Nicaragua.


The United States is trying to force the people of Nicaragua to accept the extortion of the US politics that is to put oligarchs in power corrupted criminals that have been money laundering and violating the principles of the political constitution and the laws related to Foreign agents.

The Nicaraguan people are courageous and they fight back in the past against the US intervention and this electoral year will do it by voting for the candidates that they want and love. Recent polls show Leading the polls with more than 65% of the alliance FSLN and the Candidate to President Commander Daniel Ortega and Vicepresident Rosario Murillo. This election represents the truth against the law. The truth will win and the lies will continue there in the US agencies with a lot of US citizen taxes spread out with thieves under the mask of "independent media" or "democracy" or "Human Rights "

The courageous Nicaraguan people since the attacks from the USA, European Union and the Allies increased they become more loyal, and more dedicated to defending the victories that represent the sacrifices of our heroes and mártirs And for those deaths, our deaths Nicaraguan people promise to defend the victory of November the 7th 2021. And the hope from our people principally our indigenous Community in power and women in power is to ask the US government not to mess around with Nicaragua.

Oscar Smith, Indigenous Miskitu Sandinista

I support our government because so far this government is being a struggle for us since always. Thanks to our government in 1987 we were included in the national constitution and our Caribbean coast of the North and South as an Autonomous Region which means that we have our organizational power. Also, we have our way of study and our councils. During dictator Somoza, our rivers were polluted and our gold and silver have taken us to Canadian gold mining companies they did not leave anything good to us but diseases and a polluted environment neoliberal government promoted apartheid against us because they were racist. And now with our government, We have a lot of development, included also because this government built a road that unifies us with the rest of the country. Thanks to this government I'm proud to say that I like indigenous I was able to study and got a degree in Translation and Interpretation, I speak 4 languages and this comment is not enough to express how thankful we indigenous are with our government nowadays we have indigenous Doctors nurses, dentist, psychiatrist, engineers and so on. In the darkest era, only oligarchs were able to study.

I want to express and ask the international communities, Indigenous communities please stand with us and please support our government President Daniel Ortega and Vice president Rosario Murillo our leaders we want to continue being part of the development and we don't want to go back to the US back up opposition they are racist and they hate us they believe that with this government and all the projects since are for us indigenous people they say that the government is throwing away the money. Please raise your voice The Government of the United States is a hypocrite because they say every day that they protect indigenously but is not true if they attack our government they are attacking us all. This is power from the people! Hasta la victoria Siempre!

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